...Carol’s Brief Bio, 2007


How many of us put off our art to do more important things? I did.  Thanks to a couple of very caring and encouraging friends-I started sculpting January 2001.
  As you can see
     It’s a photo of me
        With my very first sculpture.

Thanks to excellent instruction and my own study of the “ins and outs” of the human figure – using medical anatomy books as well as anatomy books directed to artists-I was able to progress.

The figure Freedom (bronze ½ life size) was started in January 2002. September 11, 2001 was the inspiration for her-she is standing on granite and will be cast with her Bald Eagle GAO sometime in the future.

The Full Armor of God (bronze ½ life size) – Isaiah 59 and Ephesians 6 was the inspiration of the warrior figure Ephesians 6. The model was a very thin dancer so I “beefed him up” studied what the cavalry officers of noble rank wore; a seamless cloak, shin guarded footwear, and of course armor flexible enough to do battle from horse-back. I used photos of my son’s and father’s faces to construct the head.

Full Armor of God: Feet shod with the preparation of Truth; Sword of the Spirit; Shield of Faith (a Bible on the figure); Helmet of Salvation; Breast Plate of Righteousness.

The contemplative Lady at the Beach (bronze ¼ life size) was a challenge and a learning experience.

My first stone sculpture War Horse was so much fun to do that –if I had a place to do stone-that would be all that I would work with! Maybe my Danish heritage has some Borglum roots!

Some “experts” say that realistic figurative art is no longer a viable subject. Based on the VERY crowded classes at my local college-I would say the statement by the “experts” is false. The young people in the art world crave real – constructive figurative art.

I have a book in the computer, waiting to be published, addressing the issue of art for children and young people. It deals with the absence of real art in the schools and juxtaposes the upswing in conditions like hyperactivity-ADD et.al. among the young.

To give a glimpse; the subtitle is Why Are We Drugging Our Brightest and Best?!!!

   - Carol

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